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This area contains resources to support health professionals involved in newborn blood spot screening, including publications, supporting documents, education and training materials, FAQs, and information on the programme's current projects and quality initiatives.

If you would like to order printed resources please complete an order form.


Accessing screening results

Please note that the programme office and screening helpdesk do not have access to newborn blood spot screening results. If you are a health professional and have a query about a baby's results please contact the screening laboratory or the local child health records department.


Ordering resources

If you would like to order free copies of either the 'Guidelines for Newborn Blood Spot Sampling' (A4 and A5 versions) or the 'Once is enough' leaflet, please call 0191 496 9735 or email

If you would like to order any other leaflets (including the CF suspected/carrier leaflets) please complete and send an order form to the screening helpdesk who will forward your request to a member of the programme team.

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